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Fun on the Cadillac and Tower at the Old Dairy Pilates Studio

 We offer 3 “Lifestyle”  membership packages.

We want you to understand the importance of investing in yourself and your health.

We want you to make the best and most efficient use of your time with us.

With no joining fees or contracts you only need to choose the monthly membership* that suits you and your life.

*pro-rata over a 48 week year

Lifestyle 1

£100 per month

Entitles you to 1 session a week

+ 2  catch up sessions.

A total of 48 sessions per year

Lifestyle 2 

£135 per month

Entitles you  to 6 sessions a month

+ 2 catch up sessions

A total of 72 sessions per year

Lifestyle 3

£160 per month

Unlimited sessions per month to a maximum of 96 for full the whole year.

You will also receive discounts on workshops, events and courses. 

“We are the difference that makes the difference”

In  order for you to make an informed decision on whether or not this is for you.

We insist that you come along for trial before you join

Nitty Gritty

The booking system shows you how many sessions you have taken so you can easily track your usage and plan when you might want to come along*

Our booking system also allows you to reserve your regular slot  – just choose reservation option when you book in and you can be guaranteed that place each week – no need to worry.

You must remember to cancel your place at least 24hr before the start of your class if you cannot attend, otherwise you will loose it*

 *Terms and conditions apply

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