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The Team

Louise Arnold – Business Owner

..My love and enthusiasm for Pilates began in 2003 when my twins were 6 weeks old. I joined a weekly class and it gave me the strength, focus, body awareness and headspace that I needed at that time.

Pilates became my passion, and I began teaching Matwork Pilates (Pilates with Louise) classes in 2007 after I qualified with the London based Pilates Foundation.

I continue to be amazed by what can be achieved with Pilates and have taken my training beyond my original course and regularly attend CPD courses.

Pilates Foundation Matwork Instructor (encompassing Pre/ Post Natal Pilates and the Older Adult).
A.P.P.I (Australian Physiotherapist and Pilates Institute) Matwork Instructor.
A.P.P.I (Australian Physiotherapist and Pilates Institute) Reformer Instructor.
PFilates (Pilates for Pelvic Floor instructor) with Dr Bruce Crawford.
Pelvic Core Restore program with Jenny Burrell.

Pilates has been my constant for the last 18 years, no matter what life has thrown at me and during this time I have been blessed to meet the most wonderful clients. Indeed, many are still training with me today! It’s been an honour to listen to their stories and encourage them on their Pilates journey.

Creating a studio space with Lorraine is a dream come true! We are so excited to be able to share our love of Pilates with you and to give you new challenges beyond the mat classes.

In my spare time I love spending quality time with my family and friends and walking the dogs. I love live music, good food and wine – although not necessarily in that order! But it’s not all go – tending my house plants and sitting down with a good book gives me some much-needed down time.

I am really looking forward to meeting you, supporting you on your Pilates journey and hearing your stories

Lorraine Blackall – Business Owner

I found myself immersed in the fitness industry over 30 yrs ago, when ‘Step’ was the thing! But, it’s been a while since I wore hot pants and strappy thong leotards to train!

I enjoy team sports and the outdoors: horse riding, walking my dogs, mountain biking, tennis and the occasional run. But, like most people, I need motivation to do what some people call the ‘boring stuff’ so I became an instructor. Being of this mindset I try to make my sessions fun & engaging. For me, not being able to trek the hills or see nature, move freely and independently with strength is what drives me. It’s more of a way of life, enjoying movement, challenging the body & mind rather than just a workout. I love to share my passion and knowledge to help others achieve their goals too.

I have a particular interest in horse riders and improving rider stability & flexibility. Many riders have incurred injuries along the way, and as many sports the industry has evolved from just attending the local gymkhana. The partnership with your horse is linked by the messages and signals between the two bodies, working to redress any imbalances in you, will help with symmetry with your horse.

Qualifications include:-

APPI Mat & Reformer, Trx + manual therapies ’Be Activated’ Practioner (trigger point treatment). Courses in Equine Pilates too

Having taught mat Pilates (Pilatesway) for 10 yrs + I’m very excited to have joined forces with Louise Arnold in 2020 during the pandemic to make plans to open our Reformer Studio in Lamport. I can wait to get you all started on a whole new journey of exercise!

Jacky Pugh

Jacky originally qualified with the Body Control Pilates Association, completing her supervised teaching hours working with Gordon Thompson in the Kensington rehabilitation and Pilates studio in May 2002.

Continuing her Pilates training in 2003 in Toronto Jacky qualified in both matwork and reformer with Stott Pilates and completed her Pilates training for full certification in 2005 as an Advanced Instructor on the mat, reformer, cadillac, chair and barrels incorporating Injury and Special populations.

After many years participating in various areas of fitness such as track athletics, marathons, triathlons and squash, Jacky discovered Pilates while looking for an exercise programme to help relieve a continual back problem following a serious car accident. Few instructors were available so she embarked on an instructor’s course to aid her own recovery.

“Taking up Pilates was challenging as I was very fit, despite persistent back pain. I had to learn to use my body in a more balanced and mindful way, letting go of the tight and tortioned muscles and learning to control movement with the deeper stabilising muscles.”

I received excellent instruction with many teacher trainers during my introduction to Pilates. The benefits became so obvious I resigned from my job with its poor lifestyle and have been teaching Pilates full time since August 2002. I have continued to be an enthusiast, advancing my knowledge working with master trainers from around the world whenever the opportunity arises.

Each year Jacky keeps up to date with new initiatives in fitness, back care and Pilates research, adapting my teaching accordingly, and helping empower clients to a stronger, fitter body”

Jacky works with referrals from chiropractor’s, physiotherapists and coaches and with a wide variety of clients. From surgical rehabilitation to elite athletes; including athletes from: Nottingham County Cricket Club, Nottingham Forest Football Club, GB Canoe Slalom, Triathlon, Swimming and Speed Skating. Jacky teaches private clients, public classes, and presents Pilates workshops to physiotherapist groups as part of their professional development.

Helen Truman

Why Classical Pilates?

I’ve always been fascinated with the Human Body and the amazing things that it has the potential to do. I decided to train to become a Pilates teacher after taking some mat Pilates classes and noticing changes in my body after a short number of sessions. I decided to train with Holly Murray at Pi Pilates in London. Holly is a 2nd generation classical Pilates teacher who was trained by Romana Kryzanowska. (Romana studied with Joseph Pilates). I was hooked after a 30 minute conversation with Holly. Holly is so knowledgeable about the Method and has a passion for passing on her knowledge to aspiring teachers of the Method .

My training has involved a 600 hour apprenticeship to learn the exercises and order of the exercises developed by Joseph Pilates on the many pieces of apparatus. I am regularly assessed on my understanding of the Method, and practical assessments.

I am trained to work on all aspects of the apparatus designed by Joseph Pilates. Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, Spine Corrector, Small Barrel, Ladder Barrel, Pedi Pole

Joseph Pilates created a full body and mind workout. He is quoted as saying the following about his Method, originally called Contrology: ‘Contrology develops the body uniformly, corrects wrong postures,restores physical vitality, invigorates the mind and elevates the spirit.

Henna Pinches

I started practising Pilates over 15 years ago alongside my dance training in Finland. Pilates really helped my performance and kept me injury free during my professional dance career. The love towards movement and working with people led me to become Pilates instructor. I started as a mat Pilates instructor in Finland in 2016. I soon discovered the amazing world of Pilates apparatus and trained as a comprehensive Pilates instructor in Wales with Peak Pilates master instructor Karen Ingram. Since 2018, I have been teaching reformer Pilates privates and duets alongside mat Pilates classes in England.

I also, enjoy working with pre- and postnatal clients and completed my training with Grace Lillywhite from Pilates foundation in 2018. Since becoming a mum two years ago, my personal experience of the pregnancy and postnatal journey has given me more knowledge and understanding. I love to educate about safe yet effective exercise that can prepare the body for labour and also enhance the recovery.

My days are filled with teaching Pilates and looking after my two years old daughter. I also love being in a nature and become a fond of gardening since moving to Northampton from London in 2018. I still dance in our living room with my daughter ☺️ I’m also a worship dancer in Kingdom encounter church in London.

To find out more about our Pre and Post Natal Classes please contact Henna directly [email protected]

Annabelle Forde

Annabelle qualified in 2000 as a Pilates Foundation comprehensive mat and equipment teacher. In 2002 she further qualified as a Gyrotonic instructor and has continued to update her training as this technique evolves.

For Annabelle, teaching Pilates is all about communicating a technique which allows you to move with confidence. Pilates supports musculoskeletal health to help support you in your daily life and appreciate the joy of moving freely. A combination which has kept her faithful to this technique for over 30 years.

Paula Edmonds

In a nutshell.
I’m happily in my middle years, a mum of two teenagers, a dog walker who enjoys the outdoors, gardening, art & craft, chai lattes, good food, but especially keeping fit and active.
I’ve been teaching Pilates since qualifying in 2001 with Stott and Body Control Pilates for mat work and Stott and MBodies for Studio equipment, I’m also a Sports Massage Therapist.

In recent years, my focus has been directed to helping women of an age like myself, who have found the menopause such a difficult time whether that has been because of fatigue, sore joints or low to zero motivation.

I really am passionate about the benefits of keeping fit and want to help other ladies find that love too. I try to make my classes or 1:1’s accessible but challenging and will support you in your aims and goals.

I look forward to working with you.

Vicky Ulliot-Rose
I have practiced Pilates on and off for the past 20 years but took it more seriously after I was diagnosed in 2015 with 4 prolapsed discs in my lumbar spine and after months of physio and various prescribed drugs it was recommended by her Consultant to attend Pilates classes on a regular basis. This completely changed her life! No more severe pain and No more drugs! In 2018 after realising the huge benefits which Pilates has to offer I
decided to train to be a Pilates Instructor so that I could pass on her passion for Pilates to others.

Since qualifying I have also completed courses in Sports Massage, Equipilates Biomechanics, Franklin Method Lower Back Fascia, Orthopaedic Conditions, Menopause awareness and Women’s Health and of course the Reformer.

When I’m not teaching Pilates you can find me walking her cocker Spaniel Fergus, riding my horse Max around the local countryside, competing in Dressage competitions or drinking a cheeky glass of wine with my husband.

The Team

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